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If You Really Loved Me

Sheet Music by Tim Minchin


Chords by uniquidentity

               Gm          Dmaj#5/Gb       
If you really loved me the way you say you do
Bb/F                           Gm/E
If you love me half as much as I love you
          Cm7/Eb                  Bb
You would pluck a planet from the sky
      A                      D
You’d use a star to dot the “i”

...        A            D          Gm
When their love for one another is true
Doo doo doo

..  A                               D
But shirking challenges is not what love

Is all about
D                        Eb
Love is not all wine and roses
D                            Eb
Sometimes it’s handcuffs and cheese
C/E                     F
No-one said love is for free
And if you agree with that
               Cm/Eb                           D7                               Gm
You’ll sing me passages from the koran wearing nothing but your Bob the Builder hat
To the tune of waltzing Matilda
       Dm/F                    Gm/E                   Eb/F  F   E / / /
I just love the combination of islam, nationalism and buil--der

Because I need you
Like a tick needs a tock
Like bananas need pyjamas
Like a nun needs cock
           Dm7/F                        C
But if you want to put your love for me first
    B                        E
You wouldn’t go through childbirth
               Am            Emaj#5/Ab
You’d agree to adopt so that you could stay thin
            C/G                   D7/Gb
We’ll get a Chinese kid, it could teach us Mandarin
    Dm7/F                         C
And communists don’t make as much noise
            B              E             Am   G
And they’re really good at sharing their toys

Because I dig you
Like an Aussie digs pies
Like Born-Agains dig Jesus
Like Jesus dug guys

Ab                          Eb
If you loved me unconditionally
     D              G               Ab
Like letting me video you while you wee
G                                          Cm
Assuming there’s nothing worth watching on TV 

Video by Rowan Fox-Noble

Video by Rowan Fox-Noble