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Happy Boy

Chords by Just Julianna

Single notes Riff: F# A B x 3 F# A B x1 F# A B x 3 then G A
B (play repeatedly and in time during F# A B x 3) A (repeatedly during F# A B x1) G (again, repeatedly during F# A B x 3) then D (repeatedly during G A going up)
You do that A LOT. That's all the verses and the intro.
So, with the above, sing:
he says the carpet's for sweeping stuff under
She says you don't want to open the can
Who needs a naval if it's not for gazing?
Then during "Well I'm doing the best that I can", play Am, G, then C x2.
Then the chords (I write the chord name in place of the word). Oh how Tim likes chords.
C such a happy boy
Cries every time he drinks G (while playing the G, play G and D along with these notes: B B, C C, A A, B B )
C thinks too much not enough
Don't leave me Eb
Cos I'm sick and I'm cold and I'm Bb (played on the hap of happy)
I'm F-ked (F played on the nay of naked. It doesn't say f*cked) and yours to devour but I'm not ah-Gm (Gm played on lone)
I Bb-ways go crazy like that when I listen to F-ter
I Gm think I F to go C
Use that for all the other choruses. Then use the first riff for the:
I can't make decisions any more
I can't write easily as before
End with Bm.