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Easter Song

Chords by Aidan Ruffle

Not too sure what this chord is but the notes are D E F# A B, so ive just called it D6add9.
(Letters in brackets are just single notes instead of chords)
When it gets to 'a special time of year, the christians dust their bibles...', 'i believe is really great you can eat or drink...'
and 'hide it where it can't be found, give a friend a hint...' the chords can be played in the same position,
just lower the bottom note each time, makes it a bit easier. :)
It's Easter Day
and God's alive again
A/E Am/E (a a e c a)
and that makes me real happy.
The grass is green,
there are some real nice flowers
A/E (b Eb e F#) B
and the trees are really sappy.
A B C#m Abm
Easter time's a time to celebrate,
A B C#m Abm
a time to recognise the miracle of birth
A B E E/Eb E/C# E/B
and Easter eggs are given to remind us
A Abm A B
that God will always be here on Earth....
E Abm
...and that Cadbury's still make the best chocolate
and that rabbits really must be fucking shot
E Abm
and that eating hot cross buns makes you shit a little more
and if the eggs are tiny you can hide them up your twot.
E D6add9/E
'Cos Easter time's important, a special time of year,
the Christians dust their bibles off and
bash their kiddies round the ears
B E/C# B A
as if a body on a crucifix will help to soothe their fears,
B7/A (Bb)
they should just get pissed on the blood of Christ and hide
E/B E (b e F# G#) B
Easter eggs up their rears.
E Abm
'Cos Easter eggs are perfectly designed for human bums,
the way they're nice and smooth and slightly smaller at the top,
E Abm
their special chocolate flavour makes for many hours of fun,
A B Bsus4 B
depending on the type of tongue you've got.
E D6add9/E
'Cos giving yourself pleasure, I believe is really great,
A6add9/E F#m7add11/E
you can eat or drink or bungee jump or laugh or masturbate
B E/C# B A
but there's nothing quite so heavenly, there is no divine a state,
B E (F# G# F#) B (C# d Eb)
than having eternal rebirth up your date.
E Abm
So, the moral of the story is, that on this Easter day,
A Bsus4
as you're revelling in God's wondrous Easter sun,
E Abm
that regardless of your gender or if you're straight or gay,
A B (e) Bsus4
it's great to have some choccy up your bum.
E D6add9/E
So, grab an Easter egg and hide it where it can't be found,
A6add9/E F#m7add11/E
give a friend a hint and let them search around
B E/C# B A
and revel in the Godliness of funny tastes and sounds
B7 (e Eb C# b a Ab F#) /A x3
and thank The Lord that Easter eggs are....
B7 (G) E