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Chords by Matty Rayson

1. Feminism
D7 Eb F Dm7
I believe that women have the right to walk the streets at night
Gm7 Cm7 Bb
without being afraid for their lives
D7 Eb F Dm7
I believe that women have the right to choose what happens to her body
Gm7 Cm7 Bb
Without suffering the judgement of the conservative right
D7 Eb F
And I believe that women have the right to wear the clothes they like
D7 Gm
Without being treated like dirt
Gm7 Eb F
And I think we men are pathetic how we seem to judge aesthetic
Dm7 G7
As the measure of a woman's worth
Eb Dm Gm Cm F Bb
I'm ashamed on behalf of my sex for making women feel like objects
F9 Bb
Fuck I love boobs though, I just really love them
F9 Bb Bb7
Fuck I love boobs though, I just wanna rub them
Eb Edim7
They're just so jooby, they make me feel groovy
Bb G7
I would rather watch boobs than a movie
Cm7 F7 Bb
Be doop be doo. I just really like boobs.
2. Poverty (altruism)
I believe people are entitled to basic human rights
Whether they are rich or their poor
I believe a world where no children are starving
Is a world worth fighting for
And I try to remind myself, even when I'm struggling
How incredibly lucky I am
And I don't think it's ok that the luxuries I crave
Should come at the expense of my fellow man
I'm sure I could give a little more
To alleviate the suffering of the poor.
Fuck I love boobs though.
I just really love them
I don't really mind if I am behind
Below or above them.
They're just so jubbly
They make me feel lovely
I'd rather own boobs than a pub
Be doop be doop doop doo doo doo
I really love boobs.
3. Enviromentalism
I believe the that planet we live in is a living organism
And we must treat her carefully
I don't think we can assume we can just go on consuming
Her resources indefinitely.
The earth's not a bottomless pit
And we can all do our little bit.
Fuck I love boobs though
I just really care for 'em
They're equally fun when they're aged 21
Or octogenarian.
They're just so flappy
They make me feel happy
I'd rather eat boobs than a bap
Be doop be doo
I just really love boobs.
Eb6 F
Evolutionary theory says bosoms are buttock-like protrusions
Dm G7
Designed to tempt men in situations when
Eb F
They can't get a glimpse of your bum
D7/F# (D7 fine) Gm F
I find such hypotheses dumb, it's like the one that says
Eb F
Lipstick is for making your lips look more
Bb F Gm F
Like the lips of a happy vagina
Eb Edim7 F
Since they said that I can't look my great aunt in the eye
D7 Gm F Eb
Why'd they have to say that, oh why?
Eb F
From that first little suck of colostrum
Dm7 G
To the grope of the the nurse in the old people's hostel
Cm Bb Eb Edim F
We're just fucking monkeys in shoes
Bb Gm Eb
And I-----e----i
F Bb Gm
Will always love boobs
Eb F Bb
i Will always love boobs