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My Neighbour's Ass

Chords by Juju

It's really in Bb, but I used a guitar with a capo on the 3rd fret so I could play it in G (much easier)

Capo 3rd Fret

C                               G
My ass is getting me down
            C                                                  G
People laugh behind their hands when I take it into town
   Am7                                    G/B
It used to be tough and hard-working and strong
      C                                       A                                           D
But now it is greying and has long since been long past its prime
                B7                                Em
But it was such a good ass in its time

B7                             Em
Just to rub salt in the wound
      B7                                                Em
My neighbour has an ass that would make Tatanya swoon
          B7                                  Em
It's so broad that it's almost impossible to straddle
    A                                        D
He had to get a custom made saddle

C                              G
I know that envy's a sin
            C                                      G
But his ass is so muscular while mine is so thin
I know it's immoral to covet
              C                                     D
But just one day with his ass, oh God I would love it!

Oh Lord my saviour
Would you do me a favour
   C                                    D
I just want an ass like my neighbour

G               D/F#
I want my neighbour's ass
Cos my neighbour has
A real nice ass
      C                                        G
My ass was once strong as an ox
                     C                            G
People could easily ride it from dawn until dusk
         Am7                               G/B
But it never once balked out a plough
          C                                      A                          D
It was hardy and handsome but I'm afraid now a disaster
      B7                                   Em
I've had to put my ass out to pasture

B7                                       Em
I should be happy with the ass that God gave me
B7                                   Em  
To look a gift ass in the mouth is a sin
  B7                                     Em7
I really should look on the bright side
    A                                                        D
It's such a big job breaking a brand new ass in

C                             G
I know that envy is wrong
           C                                    G
But my ass is so pathetic while his is so strong
In the old days my ass brought me kudos and fame
C                                          D
Now my ass just brings me shame

Oh Lord, Lord my saviour
Forgive my behaviour
C                                      D
I can't help but covet the ass of my neighbour