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Fuck The Poor (Guilt Song)

Chords by Rafa³ Sadowski

F  G  Em  F - Intro

F            G              
I would be a liar if I 
Em           A
pretended to admire the red light
Dm                   G
wind screen cleaning empire that you've
C     C7

F               G
But my heart is good it's not a
Em                A
thing of stone or wood I'll give you 
Dm             G            C
fifty cents to take away my guilt.

C      G
I give money to folks that
Am              Em
just don't have enough to try to
Am          Em     F            G
justify the future purchases of stuff

             C                 Am
that I don't need. I know that one less
       Am        Em
vodka cranberry tonight and I could
Am                Em
feed some foreign family
      F               G
for a fortnight But I might just have
Dm7                 Em
one more. After all what is vodka for
         F                 G
apart of making you wanna shag you're 
            C          G
best mate's wife.
       F                     G
Dampening the guilt you feel about your
perfect life.

         C      G
Fuck the poor
         Am             Em
what is all this hoo-ha for?
There is only one reason to call 
Em     F  G

It's the force that drove Teresa and
that school that Oprah built.
              F              G
I'll give you fifty bucks to take away 
   C      G
my guilt.

         C      G
Fuck the poor
         Am        Em
I'm not pretending anymore
       Am               Em
that I really give two shits about some
F       G
kids in Bangalore
I'm more interested in footy than 
seeing the Solomon's re-built.
                  F              G
But I'll give you fifty bucks to take 
        C  B/G Am G
away my guilt.
              F              G
I'll give you fifty bucks to take away 
my guilt.