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Dark Side

Chords by Matt (guest)

I can have a dark side
B              A
If you want me to
B                 C#m
I can have a dark side
C#m              B
I can develop my brooding potential
   A                         B
If pain's what you want in a man
Pain I can do
B                      A
I can have a dark side too
I can have a dark side

|: Emaj | Dmaj | Amaj | Emaj Neutral

E                         D
I called my girlfriend up on the phone
         A                       E
I said, "Hey g-girlfriend what's g-going wrong?"
E                          D
She said, "I'm breaking it off with you
           A                    E
"I feel as if the m-m-magic has gone"
         F#m                  A
I said, "Hey baby what're you talking about?
   E                                B
"I thought that everything was just fine"
           F#m               A
She said, "That's exactly my point
            E                                      B
"I just get so annoyed how you're so happy all the time
   A                         B
"I need somebody deeper than you
 A                     C#m
"Someone with a little third-dimension"